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Livestation is a very useful program that allows oyu to watch videos or live TV
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Watching TV on-line is very common today, but if you want to watch your favorite channels, you usually have to go to a channel's web site; and most of the time this can be annoying, especially if you forget web addresses easily. Now with Livestation you can access all your favorite channels with just one click, easy and fast.

Once you've downloaded this free program, you will have easy access to many popular channels like BBC world news, NASA TV, Euronews, etc. One nice feature is that you can search other channels and add them to your list, so next time you want to watch your favorite channels, it won't be necessary to enter the channel's website.

Besides, the program has a nice interface where all your channels will be displayed as a carousel, letting you change channels with one click. Moreover, you will be able to chat with other people that are watching TV channels and share your experience with them.

In addition, this new version (2.7), supports pay-per-view channels. It also includes a new feature called "What's hot", allowing you to see the most viewed channels, and the number of users that are chatting at the moment. Also, several minor bugs have been fixed.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Nice user interface
  • You can select your favorite channels from a carousel


  • There are no control buttons to stop, pause, play, etc
  • Would be nice if the application could also play radio stations
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